Bantha II Cargo Skiff

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Mixed Media, Sculpture | No Comments

The annual Star Wars Art Show by Warhous Studios is coming up soon and I didn’t miss the signup deadline this time! Here’s a look at the Skiff I’m putting together. FYI, it’s the craft that Jabba made Luke walk the plank on in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Here are the materials — shower caddy, thin wood frame, metal sign from Hobby Lobby, a pint and a quart sized decorative metal buckets, hot glue, sculpey, and shears for cutting pretty much anything:


Everything laid out and ready to go:


Front end shaping:


Back end shaping:


Front and back end safety railing:



It’s a slow and experimental process with plenty of trial, error and cuts from metal shavings ????

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