Art from The All Star Collectibles Expo

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The blog site was acting up but now it’s back to normal! Gonna share a few posts with all I’ve missed out on updating.

In June I was excited to have a table at the All Star Collectibles Expo in Baytown. Lots of friends and fun and sticky note drawing in preparation for a sticky note show that was about a month away at the time.

For the expo I wanted to try out a few new experiments I had in the works. Watercolors with sculpted/embellished frames. I’ve always like the idea of custom frames with a sculpted centerpiece to stand out so on a smaller scale it was a bit easier to deal with. Frame sculpts are done with sculpey and then painted and sealed with epoxy resin.

Tyrion Lannister with lion sculpt:
20140729-020457-7497255.jpgCersei Lannister with lion:


Jon Snow with a wolf sculpt:

Maleficent with a dragon head sculpt:


And here’s a couple of shots of my table at the expo:



Next up will be a few of the Sticky Note art show works!

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