Art from the Sticky Note Art Show!!

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ATTENTION: this is a post from July, the last time I was wrestling with posting with WordPress’s mobile app. It had been being buggy since May. Now everything is back on track MONTHS later. Anyway, ENJOY!!

July 18, 2014: A local group of artists started creating works of art on sticky notes awhile back and it evolved into something creatively challenging. The group grew and began putting on art shows. I didn’t want to limit myself to staying inside of the 3″x 3″ parameters so I worked some sculpture into a few of my pieces.

Eleventh Doctor having an X-ray:

Tenth Doctor warning us about the Weeping Angels:

One of a few Jokers I had on hand:

Rose Tyler with a fancy frame:

Mean muggin Wonder Woman:

Good ol Lincoln in his Captain America gear:

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