NOVEMBER 2014: Steampunk Art Show

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The thumbnail from the “Random Art Post” is actually a brainstorm sketch for ideas I had for the steampunk group show. I love owls so naturally I began rolling ideas around to figure out how I’d go about building one. I drew a few more ideas up and then began gathering assorted parts from discarded electronics: 

Then began the molding and armature building. Forming areas where you’d be able to see the inner workings of the clockwork/steampunk owls’ gear work, springs, bolts etc.

I felt overwhelmed for awhile because it took forever for me to see their personalities, their final forms take shape in my head so I was basically shooting in the dark for a bit. Then miraculously, faces appeared. 

Ideas for wings changed.

Worked in a few finer details on the faces.

Back details changed up a bit.

Finally once the paint was dry and the stain set and the final deal applied, I could not have been more happy to be finished!

Definitely one of the toughest sculpture attempts I have ever toiled over! 

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