Fixer Uppers.

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Sometimes you begin a project and you have no idea where it will take you. Awhile back I got to chill at a meetup with a bunch of designer friends in Portland. A fellow artist (check out Audrey’s stuff in the links) and I got to chatting about my sculpting and I realized I wanted to try to sculpt one of her amazing ladies in her style. Long story short, I failed. I had a long graceful neck with shoulders sculpted and then I sorta lost my way. the first try (as previously posted), went something like this:  


Cool but not quite what I was looking for. As for the slender neck and shoulders sculpt I started, it descended into this:    


Large toothy grin – completely finished him and then realized it needed a fixer upper. I ripped his teeth out completely and resculpted some chompers to be proud of:


This guy was my last entry into the Animation Appreciation Art Show, new teeth and all.  


The “Cyclops” owl from my steampunk series made me feel like I failed the poor creature as an owl. Owls NEED eyes.   

Definite in need of a fixer upper so inspired by the “Zeus” owls I did,  I made star field eyes with a copper instead of blue shade and went to work. 

     I then added some finishing touches for it to mesh with the over all steampunk style and suddenly, all fixed up.


I’ll have to find the pink pony bust I started and I’ll post it later. That little pony’s fate ended up involving more muscle and bronzer. 



All successfully fixed! With the exception of the lovely lady sculpt that turned into a Joker piece, of course. 

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