LATE NOVEMBER: Animation Nation Art Show

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This was an amazing group show. Anything goes as long as the subject matter (however the artist chooses to translate it) has been animated in some format at some point in time. I got to put my Star Wars inspired Lady Vader in this show as well as a host of new pieces. 

Lady Vader with a coat of polish and an upgraded light-up light saber: 




 I was under the impression that we couldn’t have prints in the show and I wanted my digital “realistic” Mulan piece to be entered so I painstakingly created a completely analog version. This was a tough one. As a bonus, I added Mushu!


Ah, behold the glorious analog: 

Mushu closeup:  

I definitely wanted a Harleficent in the show: 


 I have always wanted to do an Ariel/Aquaman mashup. Behold, QUEEN OF THE SEVEN SEAS:


It’s no mystery concerning my feelings on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. This one had to be done:    


The Joker sculpt I added showed up in the “fixer upper” post already – basically fixed his teeth and looks much better:  


The Animation Appreciation Show was probably the most fun I’ve had at a show – the next one is going to focus on Villains! Can’t wait.

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