DECEMBER: Foray Into Free Art Friday Territory

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Art Musings., Mixed Media, Sculpture, Sketch | No Comments

While perusing the webs, I stumbled across an international event called Free Art Friday. Some folks in Paris would hide art near fountains or in parks for the general public to find and enjoy! Found art posted and tagged on Instagram. I fell in love with the idea and then found we had our own local chapter of artists making drops all over town! 

Fellow local artist, Wizard of Barge, put me onto drawing quick doodles on postage labels. Those are primarily what I put out on Fridays. Sometimes it’s a mix of prints I already have or sculpts I want to put out or little canvas paintings. The point is to put art out and brighten someone’s day. 

I try to get creative with my drops and sometimes do a little scavenger hunt styled drop that leads the art hunter from place to place until the treasure is found. Needless to say, Instagram is a highly valuable tool when it comes to Free Art Friday. 

Here are some examples of the art I put out there when I get the chance:


I try to do every Friday if time permits. It’s a highly therapeutic operation. I really love putting good stuff out there. That said, keep your eyes peeled for art left in the wild.

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