Miscellaneous March and Free Art Friday

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Still playing a bit of blogpost catch up – March 2015 was filled with lots of Free Art Friday creations and some experimenting for art pieces to sell at venues like conventions and group shows. First off, here are some sticker labels I enjoy working on. The face of the paper combined with the waxy backing provides a durable material that can take some good punishment from markers, india inks, water colors and acrylics. Also, after its fully dry, IT’S A STICKER!




I also got a jump on the Star Wars Show that was coming up in May. Sculpted a new Yoda Owl and added a Chewbacca and a successful C3P0 Owl to the mix this time.


My entry for the “Villains Art Show” at East End Studio Gallery was also accepted as one of the official flyers for the event! Analog for the most part and then polished up in Photoshop for the final entry: 


The next bit of art is always therapeutic. A group of local artists gather on Wednesday nights to fellowship and draw at a great bar. Some extra special nights the walls are covered with paper and we have a community drawing session. Our group is called Skessions and every meetup is memorable and filled with an electric and creative vibe. Sometimes after a long day at work it’s just what the doctor ordered. 



 An art trade with a student. She drew me an owl and whipped up a fix for her: 

Worked on a few more Zeuses:

 I also did some work playing around with water colors and frames for conventions coming up:


That’s it for March. April’s art updates will be up soon!

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