April Artsuffs

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April 2015 kept my hands moving nonstop. Went to a nude art show where clothing was optional for everyone. Managed to capture a disgruntled bdsm model, a spirited dancer, and a DJ with turntables that just managed to hide his unmentionables.


Around this time I had art friends visiting from out of town that had never seen my steampunk owls or my Star Wars owls up close so we spread them out for group photos.


#FREEARTFRIDAY was pretty intense in April. I got to experiement with lots of methods on the stickers. Inks, markers, acrylic based ink, and some others. Made some creative messes.









I had also been working off and on again with an idea for rapidly approaching Star Wars Art Show. You’ll understand after having a look:



I also got the chance to do some quick chalk art for a Playground’s grand opening. Letters and birds.

Next up, some guest art in a friend’s comic called Musings. There should be a link on the side to check out the latest developments with their comic. 

Made some mini steampunk owls.


And I’ll finish this post with random #FREEARTFRIDAY posts!


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