JUNE 2015!

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Summer officially arrives with fresh paper on the walls of Next Door Bar to draw on! In the midst of a convention Kigurumi craze started by artist friend Jessica Von Braun, I had to get this art outta my system. Jessica in the white tiger and Steve in the dragon!


Next up for the first month of Summer was the Kerrville Sidewalk Chalk Festival. Got a personal invite from a friend that once ran the local chalk festival so I packed a small bag, hooked up with local artists Norberto Clemente and Cat Loehr and hit the road to Kerrville for some art in the sun. When we were done, we celebrated with DELICIOUS JOOOSEY STEAAAAK :


Cat:  Norberto:

Next up was some Father’s Day hero art: 


Next up was an art contest sponsored by Deep Eddy’s Vodka between local artists that consisted of 3 rounds. First round was “Myths,” second round was “Apex Predator,” and third was “Sea Monster.” I won in a two way tie for first place!







That’s it for June – next up, a super busy July!

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