Fight Like A Girl (and other stuff!)

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With the awesome draw the Wonder Woman movie has generated, its no mystery the “Fight Like A Girl” art show came into being! The show runners asked to use the Wonder Woman image featured as a part of Comicpalooza’s patron package and soon I saw images of her posted everywhere and even got a spot in a local paper!

I got to work hammering out some new ones just for this show.

I’ve never EVER drawn She-Hulk but always liked her character, especially after playing with her in the Marvel/Capcom fighting game.

Then I wanted to do a mashup of sorts. Take two really strong psychokinetics and put them against each other — Eleven from Stranger Things and Jeany Grey – PHOENIX.

Then I wanted to capture a best friend of mine and draw a character I’ve never tried. POWER GIRL. I made sure to keep her claim to fame respectable too ?

< nother first for me was Captain Marvel. I don’t have a finished pic of her on me but these early process images should suffice until it’s in my possession again.

Other than the art show, here are some random bits of art that have been filling in the gaps:

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