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Right before Hurricane Harvey hit here in Houston (lots of “H’s”) I was putting work up over at The Nook at U of H and a hurricane was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.

Then Harvey arrived and turned my world upside down! The majority of finished art I had was destroyed by water. Nearly all of my art supplies ruined from sitting under water for days. Apartment ruined, I had to move and take what I could salvage with me.

My favorite portfolio/artdesk ever – swollen shut with water trapped inside with tons of childhood art and supplies and drawings from my animations. Way too heavy to try and salvage especially with everything ruined inside.

Big squishy couch!

So much loss but still being alive through it all is a blessing! Now to find he drive to rebuild!

Thanks to all that called, messaged, donated, and rooted for me to make it through this. Still trudging through and will stay hopeful and try to keep the updates coming ??????

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